Ceremonial Cacao by Raway - 1lb

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Cacao is an ancient plant superfood enjoyed as a soul-lifting elixir in spiritual ceremonies for thousands of years. Known as a powerful heart opener- also opening the blood flow, it facilitates a profound emotional connection to bring deep self-love and transformation through your heart chakra.

Our pure cacao made from a single ingredient: 100% fair trade, organic cacao beans. 

Ethically sourced from the sacred land of Machu Picchu in Peru, and supports indigenous farmers who farm sustainably. We care about social, economic and environmental impact.

For a ceremonial drink, please add 1 oz of cacao into 4 oz of water and cook until well blended. Use your favorite spices like Cinnamon, Cardamon, Cayenne. We suggest a small amount of honey. Please note, this is 100% pure cacao and contains no sugar. Ceremonial dose 20-45 gram. Approx. 11-18 servings depending on dose. 

*All orders are dispatched between Monday and Thursday in order to avoid postal delays over the weekend.

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