Our collections of raw, vegan organic chocolate products:

No Refined Sugar

RAWAY chocolate is totally raw, and comes straight from the earth with all the nutrients Mother Nature intended.

Dairy Free

This chocolate is made by hand with consciousness and care. We love our craft, our chocolate, and our customers.

Soy Free

We search the world for the healthiest, tastiest, and highest quality ingredients for our gourmet chocolate.

No Preservatives

No other chocolate out there can truly balance both Health and Taste like we can. RaWay does it the Right Way.

Founder's Story

Over the last 20 years I have shared my passion for love, beauty and grace across the globe as a fashion model.  I have met amazing people and truly experienced their cultures.  I was overwhelmed by people's desires to make healthy food choices for themselves and their families. World wide I met health conscious chiefs who taught me the essence of Mother Earth's gifts of nutrition.  I took this knowledge, combined it with peoples euphoria for chocolate and sprinkled my passion and love to create Raway chocolates. 

Our chocolates are made of Mother Earth's raw ingredients that promote energy, antioxidants, health and a sense of love throughout your body.  From my heart to your heart, please enjoy.  With tremendous love ❤️


Oxana Samy
Founder / Creative Director of
Raway Chocolates
Model, Raw Vegan Chef & Chocolatier

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